1. She knows what she is doing!

    I have gone from being in a hard shell, not willing to communicate, or even interact as an adult to actually doing what needs to be done for me and my life with the ever present guidance of Susan. She knows what she is doing and tells is like it is so you can heal from the inside out.…Read More

    Shawna M.
  2. Shout out to Susan for helping me regroup!

    Shout out to Susan for helping me regroup, develop (& accomplish) personal goals, & make time for myself! If you’re struggling emotionally, mentally, or physically, she’s your gal. She’s informative, beyond helpful, & super supportive, yet practical. I’m so grateful for our time together, & while I’m a work in progress, I’m definitely on the right track, thanks to her.…Read More

    Cassandra C.
  3. I have renewed hope for my own health journey

    Working with Susan for a little over a month now has given me a new understanding of how dramatically food affects my energy, emotions, effectiveness, creativity and ability to think clearly. I have renewed hope for my own health journey.…Read More

    Angela M.
  4. Phenomenal!

    Phenomenal! Susan is a straight shooter who is passionate about helping you be as healthy as possible and achieving goals. Think you're too tough a case? Think again!! Best thing I've ever done for myself!!…Read More

    Staci C.