Life is not without stress. It’s our bodies natural response to negative outside influences, meant to protect us by driving the need and compulsion to do something about the given situation. Often, it’s the presence of unending stressors that take their toll on our mental and physical wellbeing. Every client is given a full, individualized stress assessment. This gives valuable insight on the client, and allows usr to develop a customized stress management plan that the client can easily implement and stick with.

As a certified stress management coach, I offer access to a variety of techniques, tricks, and tips to help you diminish your response to daily stress factors. I teach you how to practice effective self-care and relaxation methods that have been proven to reverse the negatives that stress places on our various systems. We come up with a customized personal plan that you feel comfortable with to include in your daily routine.

Why Stress Management is Important

Though stress in manageable amounts can be used to drive us to succeed and keep us on our toes during times of trouble, multiple research studies continue to prove the link between continued, unmanaged stress levels and detrimental health issues. Affecting more than your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Unchecked stress can contribute to chronic health problems. Stress weakens the immune system, and commonly leads to symptoms such as heart problems, high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. From physical symptoms such as headaches, chest pain, and stomach upsets, to mental and behavioral signs such as insomnia, irritability, drug or alcohol abuse and social withdrawal, stress manifests in a variety of health-diminishing forms.
Equally important as a strong nutritional plan and an exercise routine, an effective blueprint for stress-relief is imperative to long-term optimal wellness. Discover the benefits of being able to truly relax and live in the moment with a customized stress management plan by Healthy Awakening. I am eager and excited to help you get started on your new path to healthy living. Contact me now.