Starting with the notion that we truly are what we eat, and what we think manifests itself.  I strive to help individuals who want to feel better, but are struggling with nagging health issues.  I help them overcome these issues and move on to experience a vivacious life full of energy, vigor, and strength. Restoring physical and emotional wellness through holistic health and stress management coaching, I work to be your health advocate and partner in wellness.

Why Holistic Health Coaching?

Integrative health methods are designed to approach the body as a whole instead of a grouping of separate systems and organs. Because the food we eat plays a vital role on our physical, mental and emotional health, and all of our internal systems have a symbiotic effect on the function of the others, I work to create a personalized nutritional plan for each client. This approach has helped me and my clients take control of mysterious and recurring health issues, including chronic fatigue, weight gain, gastrointestinal problems, and many others. Established in 2015, Healthy Awakening Holistic Health Coaching is focused on sharing the benefits of whole foods, the mind-body connection in helping you